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Metaverse Fashion Showrooms

Fashion Showrooms

Meet your customers, dress their avatars, show your collection and expose your brand creating unique experience to your audience!

Your own 3D Showroom in the Metaverse as a meet up space with your audience

Invite your audience to exhibit your creations, connect with them, share your story and your ideas, and sell your outfits instantly.

Your Story

Your Story

We prepare the moodboard and the blueprint based on the story you want to share with your audience.

Design & Development

Design & Development

We choose the 3D space and the content and we develop your showroom.

Showroom Promotion

Showroom Promotion

We build the campaign and give you all the links and material to share with your audience too.


Sales (NFT, Metaverse & Gaming Platforms)

We promote & sell your collection as NFT in the Metaverse & Gaming platforms.



Metaverse Fashion Showroom

Synin Studio Showroom by NTZNS

In collaboration with Emma Pantalone, Founder & Creative Director of Synin Studio, we have developed a Metaverse Showroom for her collection. The concept is a minimalist garden that showcases the fabulous designs of Synin Studio, arranged like statues in a circular view.

The music, selected by the designer, creates an atmosphere that complements the overall experience. Our goal is to evoke emotions in visitors by blending VR, scenery, music, and designs.

Synin Studio Fashion powered by NTZNS

Emma's exhibition in the world of virtual fashion

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