Why Work with us?

Imagine different digital worlds where avatars are desperately asking to wear your designs. Games that make their players want to win only to wear your skins. Digital fashion collectors who fight in auctions to acquire a unique element of your digital fashion story. Fashion brands that would do everything to have you as a creative director and an army of influencers creating their digital content wearing your masterpieces.

If this is what you are imagining then welcome to NTZNS, because this is what we do in reality.

We own the process to get the right audience engaged with each designer. And we offer a reward plan based on loyalty, audience admiration and sales.

We donโ€™t just put clothes and accessories in our eCommerce platform, we build unique experiences for our audience, ones they would die to live.

If you want to be part of the NTZNS culture, to build your loyal fans and create unique opportunities in your digital fashion career, contact us.ย 


Create your own


Every designer must have the DNA of NTZNS

A Netizen for us is born borderless, a digital native, free from stereotypes, a fashion addict, an artist, and hungry to explore the new reality of the metaverse. A Netizen belongs to the metaverse.


How to become

a NTZNS designer

1. Apply for a NTZNS designer by filling the form hereโ€ฆย 
2. Upon acceptance we will open your profile and you can have complete control to edit and build your account
3. Upload your creations based on our guidance and let people admire your masterpieces
4. Share your creation with your community and win visibility in our community too.