How to conquer Zepeto with NTZNS

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ZEPETO in numbers

1.3 M

on Instagram

$2.4 B

spent in fashion
items in 2022
up to now


spent in fashion
items in 2021

2 M

fashion creators

20 M

Active Users


of users are based
outside of S. Korea
200 countries)

ZEPETO is a social media game with over 320 million users, whoย love fashion experience, music and movies and that makes the platform attractive for fashion brands that aim to expand their marketing strategies into Web3.

With $1.6 billions spent in fashion and accessories in 2021 inside the app and $2.4 billions already spent before the end of 2022, it is the #1 attractive multi-social app in the metaverse, and an opportunity for a brand that wants to enter a new worldwide market without investing on travel, media, showrooms and physical activities.

Is it for my brand?

If you are a fashion brand who wants to connect with GenZ, explore the digital world (the Metaverse), to create new opportunities for your physical customers and stay relevant to the changes,ย 

Thenโ€ฆ yes itโ€™s for you!