You Are Pearl

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This is a conceptual clothing design to express a very important fact about every human being: “Humans must understand that they are precious and try to discover this fact”. As pearls are very valuable and we must try hard to reach them in the depths of the ocean. So, the “Human Being” is similar to the pearl in the seashell in the depths of the ocean. Thus, in your life’s depths, you must understand that you are valuable. The skirt pattern is inspired by the ocean waves and the colors of the skirt are inspired by the different colors of the ocean water at different depths of the ocean. “Jewelry design”, “Embellishment design” and “The seashell dress with pearl Embellishment” inspired by seashell and pearl. There are seashell motifs in the used fabric for the dress. So, My design expresses an “understanding of the value of human being”. This fact is similar to discovering the value of pearl [“Human Being” πŸ‘‰πŸ»Avatar with pearl Embellishmented dress] in the seashell [seashell dress] from the depths of the ocean[skirt].

Color: white and types of blue. | Material: Silk-Charmeuse, Silk-Organza, Lace, Custom Physical details for used fabric for seashell cloth, pearls, and embellishments

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