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Famous books and Netflix series become the inspiration for this collection. Heartstopper is a Young adult LGBTQ+ Graphic novel by Alice Oseman, the British author. Nick and Charlie’s love story is shown in this collection and my main design was the image of the characters and what things they pass through. “Truham” was a second look that told you about rugby. A sewing pattern and The color of the outfit became from the rugby team of truham. I used a rugby balls sewing pattern to create a rugby shirt and shorts stuck together with a white tape which represents a tied up on rugby balls.

Color: Baby Blue, Deep Brown and white | Material: Rib 2X2 468gsm, Cotton Jersey Knit, and Stylized Wool

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amalina baik on ntzns digital fashionamalina baik on ntzns digital fashionTruham
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