The Prayer

The Prayer

This dress is me. Me with my feelings. Me with my fragility. It is me with my scarce ability to help those who suffer. The tragedy of the earthquake shocked me. Just as the massacre of innocents caused by war, abuses, the wickedness of human beings and the ferocity of nature shocks me every day. I kneel in prayer. Prayer for this broken world. Prayer for a better humanity. Technology is making great strides, and so should human beings. Solving problems in joint

cooperation. Why cause suffering when we already have to defend ourselves from natural disasters? Stop producing the weapons of war; instead, produce the weapons of peace. Weapons to save our world from our reckless life.

Work made with the help of artificial intelligence and Adobe Suite.

The Prayer is a part of the Earthquake collection offered in charity for the victims of Turkey – Syria earthquake in February 6th, 2023.

You can purchase it offering to this purpose on Opensea here

You can see the whole collection in the Metaverse Exhibition with the name “A Moment of Silence

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