The Fur #2


The collection

This collection explores the alliance between femininity and fur. This series celebrates the beauty, sensuality and luxury of women.

Fur, for centuries, has symbolized grace and elegance. It embodies softness, warmth, and refinement. The collection “THE FUR” transcends these qualities to merge them harmoniously with the power of femininity. Each piece is an ode to the woman’s natural grace, and a tribute to her inner strength.

Fur is used to become a poetic element that strokes the skin and awakens the senses. It creates a sensual connection between the garment and the wearer.


The second outfit of THE FUR collection is composed with a skirt and a one sleeve top. The asymmetry of the different elements allow the fur to be more organic and gives it a more omnipresent space, inspiring warmth and cosyness.

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