INIS Mini Dress

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Inspired by the moment of personal introspection that most beings go through and/or went through during the pandemic period, the search for self-knowledge led us to reassess our attitudes, thoughts and feelings, recalculating our route to decide which path we should not follow and thus, bet on new paths with infinite possibilities.

The word ÌNIS suffix from the Latin with the meaning of “pertaining to” or “made of”, name chosen for the collection, referring to the origin of everything. The ÌNIS project has a collection of 6 looks and accessories arranged in an immersive virtual experience. The collection brings as a graphic element in its prints one of our senses, vision, one of the elements to perceive and feel the world around and its infinite possibilities.

The ÌNIS project is the first chapter of ACCIVERSO, a journey of experiences that Studio Acci invites you to live. ACCIVERSO, as our space in extraordinary virtual reality is called (Metaverse) – is where the viewer can browse and learn a little more about all the pieces present in this ÌNIS project, diving through where it all started, with a rustic and forest aesthetic connecting us with ours roots, where we came from and arousing our curiosity through the collection to think about possible paths with fashion and where we are going.

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