Greek muse Thalia

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In  Greek mythology,  Thalia  “the joyous, the flourishing, to be verdant”, was one of the  Muses, the  goddess  who presided over  comedy  and  idyllic poetry.  In this context her name means “flourishing”, because the praises in her songs flourish through time. The outfit is designed for a Plus size figure and consists of a leather corset that slims curvaceous shapes, an intricate multi-leaf silk skirt and a leather pleated peplum with a belt that fastens to the corset. Thalia’s costume is completed with a hooded bolero made of digital glass and a pocket with Masonic symbols in the form of a holster. The render shows how the outfit covers the full biceps and hips of the avatar and emphasizes the advantages: high chest and beautiful legs.

Color: Golden and pink with a notes and meander print. | Material: Digital Glass, Silk , Organza, golden and white leather

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