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” an American fantasy drama television series based on the comic book written by Neil Gaiman and published by DC Comics, The Sandman which became a Netflix series. This collection led you to a fantasy character who appears in this season of the series.

“”Corinthian”” is the second look of the sandman collection which took inspiration from the Corinthian, a nightmare who escaped the Dreaming. He was a dream’s artefact. He intends to be the best thing to create him but he misunderstands the real purpose that he’s just a nightmare in a dream not in a real life. So, I took every detail that represent him like his eyes, tooth and his angel look. Also, how he saw others’ memories and took all of it in this look through a pattern print and techniques.”

Color: baby yellow and Brown | Material: Heavy twill cotton, Sateen cotton, and Polyester satin interlining

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