Fashion was started by people who loved to put their dent in the universe. Those who had something different to say. But it was represented by industrialists who saw just a business behind them.

Today fashion has no anymore the same goal, the same direction, and the same value as before. In fact, nothing in the world of tomorrow shares the same vision, mission, and values of the world of yesterday that Vogue built and served well all of those years.

That world was built on an industrial mindset. The lives of the old world were built around factories. Factories built cities, habits, societies, cultures that became traditions therefore anything else was an outcast.

But today, the factory is gone. In the world of tomorrow, the factory is us. The people who can create, deliver, interact, change and influence a viable small amount of people. Today we don’t create societies but tribes who interact with having common aspirations building sustainable networks being powerful nods!

We don’t need systems to tell us what to wear, think and do in fashion as we are the fashion. We can interact directly with designers, opinion leaders, creative directors, photographers, models, merchandisers, and buyers. We collaborate and co-create with them.

Between us and our creations there is only our love for fashion.

Fashion was never about clothes. Fashion was always about revolution, statement, art, attitude, and lifestyle. Fashion should always represent human’s love for creativity, freedom, and evolution.

NTZNS wants to bring fashion back to the above values by simply connecting creators directly to their audience and liberating brands from the stress of fast fashion giving them the opportunity to sell their products before even creating them.

NTZNS wants to put an end to stereotypes using technology that creates different realities allowing people to express their multiple identities without the stress to choose an identity and stick to it. People are free only if they have the chance to change choices and as we are not only one thing.

For us, digital is not a way to do better and faster business. It is a world with unlimited capabilities and endless possibilities and it can exist itself. Moving in that place, building realities in metaverse we can give real space to our imagination and make our fantasy come true.

For NTZNS Digital Fashion is not a digital representation of physical garments but an opportunity to evolve ourselves to the next level. In the digital world, our avatars do not have physical limitations. We can design clothes from materials that do not exist in the periodic table. We can wear outfits that we can’t find in the physical world and express a side of ourselves that we can’t show in reality because of the effort it needs and the high cost. We can tell stories that we couldn’t tell otherwise, we can travel in time, we can have zero gravity, and meet alternative realities which otherwise would never exist.

NTZNS is here to lead a tribe that believes in the above manifesto. We want to build a huge community of tribes who want to connect around digital fashion as we described above. We are not here to be another company in fashion but to change the world by connecting all of those who have the same aspiration. Those who want to build a future where people will have choices to live their reality without harming the environment. Those who want to be free, to create, and to build a sustainable lifestyle with abilities beyond imagination that can help humanity to evolve to the next level.

NTZNS is the abbreviation of the word NETIZENS, a combination of the words interNET and citiZENS. And this is what we are: Citizens of the Internet. We believe that the Internet is the 8th miracle in the world because it did the impossible. It destroyed borders, ethnicities, and broke stereotypes. It connects everyone on the earth with the speed of light and makes this connectivity count on the values of creativity. We are embracing this idea of the Internet of total freedom, sustainability, and human evolution. And we make it a core value of what we do.

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