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There is a war out there and art is the enemy of war. Creativity is what can eliminate war as creativity is what unites us all. Be it a music festival, some peculiar lines from a book, an emotional scene in a movie, the meaning behind a painting, any form of creativity leads us to unify through the emotion behind it. Amidst this darkness, it is our responsibility to go out and create – voicing our opinion, standing for the right things, and making an impact. We condemn all violence. We condemn all wars, and we stand by the people of Ukraine.

The fashion industry has a strong power to influence- through collections, through its vision and through its people. Keeping this in mind, NTZNS has collaborated with Stefania Novikova, actress and fashion model, to bring out the message that all violence should be condemned. We designed a special ensemble called the Snow-moon set. The all-white set signifies innocence, light, and peace amidst darkness. The digital ensemble consists of a crocodile leather jacket paired with a full-length knit turtleneck dress, accessorized with white gloves. Through this collaborative initiative with Stefania, we would want to encourage people to speak up for humanity, use their platforms to spread positivity and use creativity to make a change. Only when we unite, we stand stronger, together.

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Imagine a world without gravity. A world where you have the ability to fly, to change your appearance and identity anytime you want. A world with no borders, with no need to show a passport to travel. A world where nobody asks you to be in a specific location 9 to 5 everyday. A world that stands on sustainability, diversity

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In 1999, I was sitting in the middle back of a cinema theater with 7 friends waiting for the movie to start sending the last message with my Nokia 8110 before going silent. The lights went off and the movie started with those green Japanese mirror letters falling like raindrops on the screen, then the letters became phone numbers and

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Two weeks ago we analysed some of the whys of digital fashion. Before coming back to it, we received a lot of demands to explain what Web 3 is.  For NTZNS, the term Web 3 is too limited to describe the future 10 years from now and it goes back more than 30 years.  33 years ago, in 1989 Web

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