A virtual fashion show for you to showcase your digital collections. Through this fashion show, we will be interested in seeing your creativity and believe you can give something new and unique to NTZNS and the digital space. This virtual platform will also serve as a networking space for all designers to boost their network across different countries and gain recognition in the field of digital fashion. NTZNS will create a stage, streaming the fashion show across all social media, promoting each designer in a unique way.

Theme of the fashion show: The Art of Abstract Fashion


Abstract fashion  can be interpreted differently by each one of us, as it has no form or content. Abstract Fashion is not limited to the clothes we wear, but also in the way of life, daily actions, and the universe and beyond. The power of the phenomenon lies in its ability to look beyond one’s imagination. It can influence masses without even noticing it and can make people look at things in a new way, sparking thought about life itself. 

Style and aesthetics: Colourful, Athleisure, Futuristic, Experimental, Abstract silhouettes.


Q1. Who can participate in the virtual fashion show? Virtual designers looking to promote their digital collections and specialised in CLO3D can participate in the virtual fashion show.

Q2. What is the software’s we would need to use? CLO3D 3D is the preferred software the designer would need to use. Designers can use other software’s such as photoshop, Blender – substance painter and MAYA to enhance their designs.

Q.3 How do you participate in the fashion show? Digital designers would need to download the form attached on our website and fill in the required details. Along with the form the designer would need to send a collection of 3-5 garments. The NTZNS team will check the garments and get back to you with required feedback, checking if designer is eligible to participate in the fashion show. NTZNS will also help the designer enhance their garments by conducting a weekly masterclass. You will also be provided with the required details such as the format and size.

Q.4 What is the NTZNS weekly masterclass? NTZNS will conduct a five weeks masterclass that will be a guide to help the designer enhance their design, giving them a tips and tricks on rendering, avatar creation, using different softwares and much more. SUBSCRIBE NOW

Q.5 What are the guidelines the designer needs to follow?

  • The designer would need to submit in the form a preview of 3-5 garments for the collection (max 100MB, because just a preview is needed at the beginning)
  • The views required would be:
    1. front view
    2. right view
    3. left view
    4. 3/4 view and back view.
  • The designer would also need to submit closeups and images showing the details of the garment. The format for should be PNG.
  • Once the garments are uploaded, NTZNS will check them and get back to the designer with their feedback


  • Once the garments are approved, the designer would need to upload the files again with the standard format.
  • The views required would be front view, right view, left view, 3/4 view and back view.
  • The designer would also need to submit closeups and images showing the details of the garment. The format for should be PNG.
  • The size for the images are 2000 x 2500 PX, PPI 300. Please provide the image’s without a background.

Q.6 When and where will the virtual fashion show take place? The fashion show will be held in the first week of September. The virtual fashion show will stream on all NTZNS social media platforms: