Building a logo that speaks about the future we want to live in

A logo for us is not just a sign to put on the door of our offices. It should represent our values and the culture we want to build and share with our community. Because what we dream of, what we visualize is not to become another company that sells digital fashion or services but to inspire people who dream about a fully sustainable world, with technology at its core. The NTZNS world.

NTZNS is the abbreviation of the word NETIZENS that means interNeT’s citiZeNS. We never see NTZNS as another business entity just to seize the opportunity to sell trendy digital products and services in the market. We would love to become a beacon for those who understand that the internet has been (and still is) the 8th wonder of the world, as it gave us the ability to be constantly connected, eliminating distances and the middle men on every business and life aspects. Web 1 and 2, gave us true freedom watching events from all over the world without filters, at the exact time they happen and not as a processed piece of news from media. Think about the friendships we’ve made, the networks we’ve built and the opportunities we’ve created working together doing things better, because of this technological (r)evolution.

We should embrace this freedom and move forward to build a sustainable system in our business and life that will eventually lead us to human evolution. Freedom, sustainability and human evolution became our values thinking about the future world based on the opportunity we get through technology.

Now we have the opportunity to build and at the same time to explore a new universe. To explore its capabilities as we build it. And as creators of this digital universe we should stop imitating the physical one. Simply because we have a reality. What we need is a new reality, and to do this we should start thinking as children.

Only children realise the real meaning of freedom, sustainability and evolution. They don’t understand boundaries, passports, genders, religion and all those restrictions and limitations we put in our real world. Kids also don’t care about what is real or not as long as it gives them happiness and joy. Do you think that when the kids play hide and seek with you they don’t know that you are pretending not having seen them? Do you think that the kids don’t know that the red sheet they stole from your bed is not Doctor Strange’s magic cape? Still their laugh and they are genuinely happy, because kids don’t care about the medium but the result. We should set diversity, inclusivity and sustainability as the foundation, the currency, the standards building a new reality in the metaverse, not to embrace them but to build on them.

The people who think like us are Netizens. Free people lead by their purpose of building and living in a sustainable world that leads to human evolution. And we would like to be that place. A place for Netizens (NTZNS).

In NTZNS we don’t design and sell digital clothes but an evolution statement. A digital outfit allows you tell a story of freedom, sustainability and evolution as you add a stone to building the metaverse. You tell a story that you are a Netizen as all of us.

In that world we have the ability to change our avatars, our skins, our clothes, and ourselves. It’s not just an ability it’s the standard. Some people speak about losing their identity but we know, as Netizens, that we never had one identity. We have more than one identity that leads by creativity, fed by the movies we watch, the books we read, the imagination we have. Now we can show who we are because technology allows us to build a digital wardrobe that dresses instantly every self we want to express in any world in the metaverse.

And the question remains. How to design a logo that represents those values and be a symbol of the Netizens culture? How to make something so strong to carry the future we Netizens visualize?

We started by drawing simple lines, combining elements, preparing mood boards for today that reminds us of the future which existed in our minds.

Technology, fashion, new reality, blockchain. A logo that contains both reality as we know it and the new reality as we imagine it. In short a bridge that connects the real with imagination. This bridge couldn’t be real. It should be a space that connects. This is so controversial that it couldn’t be otherwise.

All the lines should be connected with spaces that indicate this bridge. NTZNS is the space that connects everyone in the digital fashion & luxury world. A space that connects all Netizens.

And yet we should build the tech part. All the freedom we get because of technology comes from the blockchain. The technology that enables the impossible. To decentralize everything and give the power to people. In that way we make our logo represent this block.

And finally, the fashion. Fashion is not about clothes. It’s about self-expression, art, lifestyle attitude, social statement. The story we build in a specific appearance in a specific moment. This kind of fashion should represent simplicity and flow. The fashion industry we want in the future should include everyone and exists everywhere.

We design simple lines that show motion as they fold in the edges and paint our logo with a multi-colored pallet to include everyone. We are more, never less!

And there it is. In our path to build a new reality to become a beacon for all Netizens we have an amazing logo representing our values, our mission and the vision of our community.

A logo that can be folded in block, with spaces between lines that connects the normal with multiple normal coming from everywhere and with multi-colored palet changing based on what we want to say, the moment we want to say it.

The new reality is not imprisoned by boundaries. Our logo loves diversity and includes everyone.

We are more, never less! We are NTZNS! We are you!

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