What is digital fashion and why it is more than a necessity in the path to human evolution

Digital fashion is the visual representation of clothing using computer technologies and 3D software.

But the above definition is limited to how you do the actual digital fashion. Because digital fashion is more than that.

Fashion being the 3rd industry in the rank of environmental impact and also an industry with the most accusations of unethical workplaces, digital fashion is the only real solution among others. With digital fashion, we can replace the physical production of prototypes with the digital process, create digital promotional materials instead of physical art productions and wear digital garments in our social media photos, videos and our avatars in games. As a result, we will be 97% sustainable and eliminate overproduction.

Also, with the power of digital networks, we don’t need physical retailers, trade fairs and the many intermediaries that force brands to increase their prices and small brands to give up and be excluded from a great number of markets. Therefore there is no need for an army of low-paid workers working under unethical conditions.

We are talking about a real sustainable, and inclusive environment in which sustainability will be the new currency.

And this is only the beginning. The needed foundation of the evolution. Digital fashion is part of a technological revolution that aims to build meta-worlds for meta-humans. Worlds where people can upload themselves, giving us the opportunity to use 100% of our mind’s capacity and realize an environment with multiple dimensions and unlimited choices.

In this environment, there is no room for stereotypical thoughts on how society and the whole world, in general, should be.

And as we design a better experience for ourselves in those worlds, the desire to spend more time there will increase daily, so that one day it will be part of our real life. Those worlds, because they have no borders, no identities, and unlimited capabilities will show us by default the way we should live and evolve together.

Digital fashion has come to dress not only our meta-selves in those worlds but the worlds themselves. As everything is evolving to a broader meaning in meta-life, fashion will play a broader role too. It will not anymore be a designer collection, an artistic idea for a simple runway, but a social statement, a situation that indicates what evolution or, better, revolution means. Just imagine that your garments in digital fashion will be in motion and made of intangible material. In that sense, your garment could be part of a scene where our meta-selves exist. And as the scene changes our garments will change too.

This is beyond the serial process that comes to our mind from the industrial economy.

Connection economy, the one are living in today, is about relationships, immersion, inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and freedom. Ingredients that lead to human evolution.

But we can’t evolve unless we unplug ourselves from the industrial mindset. We have to understand the zero-gravity world to release the full power of our brain.

Today we don’t need hands to lift stones to build a house. We need the power of our brain to lead us beyond our imagination and every idea of what we can do in this universe.

Digital fashion is not fashion in pixels. It’s the visual statement of evolution called the Metaverse.

This evolution starts with the Phygital stage. A stage that is there to show us its digital capabilities. Useful features we need in order to change our way of living.

The old-fashion way of living, consumerism without limits, building borders, and raising flags creating battlefields, all lead us to damage our environment and make circles without evolving. When digital came to meet us at the end of the previous century we didn’t identify its real power. We used it to help us do better what we did and share photos and videos faster with our network. The real power of digital is not to share cute pets but to connect with people under the same purpose, to understand that people around the world are not different than you and together we have the power to stop recycling traditional ways of thinking, doing, living and that we can break the boundaries. Digital worlds taught us one thing; do your art and speak directly to people who love it. Nobody can tell you if you are good or bad except your audience. In short, you have a platform, a stage to speak your art. The audience is there waiting for you to lead them. And the secret is that nobody can stop you.

Using digital to create content and communicate with your audience then why be dressed in physical garments? As we are already living in this digital environment we should grab the opportunity to use the power of the digital world and go beyond what we used to do in the physical life.

At the moment we do this “correcting” ourselves based on what we think makes us look better using photoshop and other apps. Now is the time to go beyond. To wear clothes that are not made of physical material, that have features physical clothes simply can’t have.

This is the phygital stage. A stage in which we explore an extended world with unlimited capabilities.

The next stage is the so-called meta-games or meta-social games in which we can be replaced by avatars. This stage aims to help us understand that we are more than one thing, have more than one personality, and at the same time that we have the ability to express those personalities instantly. We don’t need to live a thousand lives to express a thousand things we want to be. We are able to express ourselves through our avatars. Every personality can be an avatar and we can handle multiple avatars. The visual expression of this is our stylistic identity which demands the digital fashion to support it with a huge variety of garments and looks in multiple digital wardrobes that belong to us.

Those are the two stages we need before the third one, i.e. a full immersion in the real Metaverse. The stage that we go is through our brains inside the meta-worlds exploring unlimited mazes of an interconnected brain network with only a guide: our imagination.

All the above is part of the NTZNS DNA. Freedom, sustainability and human evolution are not just words for us but the core values of what we do. We work hard to build a digital fashion culture based on the above beliefs and to lead people towards this evolution.

Digital fashion is the key to unlocking those worlds because it will give a visual aspect of what we have in mind. From what we will wear to the colors of the sky. And at that very moment, the sky will not be the limit anymore!